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Food. Music. Insomnia.
Just a little insane.
"If you don't like my fire, then don't come around,
'cause I'm gonna burn one down. "

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i reach out to feel her next to me,
but she is gone.

she says i wont let myself be happy,
but shes wrong.

she will.

nothing around me is familiar,
a beggar with no cup.

I've fallen and I cant find,
a way back up.

she will.

Feeling:: suicidal

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i went snowboarding and done fucked up my face.

photo as requested.

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i have so much that i really want to say, but i know that no one really cares.

my parents are moving to michigan, im working 6 days a week, im planning on leaving once summer comes and i dont know where i will end up. my days consist of getting as much sleep as i can manage, trying to keep the house (which is for sale) from getting dirty, trying not to piss off my work, keep my girlfriend happy, get my independent study work done every week and still trying to find time to sit back and smoke a bowl. it's a sanity crutch.

i keep wondering when my life is finally going to get to a pace i can deal with. Im spending so much time trying to catch up on things that aren't yet done, and i wake up more behind every day.

there is beauty in the breakdown.
falling is easy, it's gettintg back up that's become the problem.
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I just spent the last 2 days replacing the alternator in my car.

its probably the most technical ive ever done without any training.

i feel... hm... manly. and rather proud of myself too.
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There is an 80% chance hat my parents are moving to Michigan in the next few months.

Kyle has moved into my house.

Hes stayin here until my parents deside to go because things werent so peachy betwixt him and Heather, and he and I are going to be getting an appartment downtown when they do go.

Facing the real world. And its not surprising or scary... just real.

Willow lays in my bed as I type this. I'm not if she is awake or sleep. Probably somewhere in the darkening forest inbetween.

Work is going well. Got a raise today and I'm being crosstrained all over the line. Trying desperately to get the 31st off of work.

I feel my heart beating.

Feeling:: drained drained
Listening to:: "Gravity" - apc

I just got Tyler and Cody jobs at Monti's. This means several things...

-My friends are happy
-My work is happy
-I get promoted
-work just got a FUCK LOAD MORE FUN.


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you may ask yourself
what is that beautiful house?
you may ask yourself
where does that highway go to?
you may ask yourself

am I right?

...am I wrong?

you may say to yourself
my god, what have i done?

Time isn't holding us.

Time isn't after us...

same as it ever was.

Feeling:: cheerful cheerful
Listening to:: cheeky

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